Madison Central Lions Club
Lions Fellowships


Melvin Jones Fellows
The Melvin Jones Fellowship is International's highest commendation for humanitarian service. The award is named after the founder of Lion's. Melvin Jones Fellows are both Lions and non-Lions who have exhibited a high level of generosity, compassion and concern for others.

Our Melvin Jones Fellows include:
Sal Al-Ashkar
Linda Bergren
Bob Bohn
James Bradley
Mark Femal
Al Goldstein
Gerald Hoddinott
Phillip Ingwell
John Jenson
Richard Matzelle
Jerry Miller
Harold Otterback
Walt Pridham
Ross Royster
James Rundell
Walter Schar
Arthur Schroeder
James Schutz
Dale St. John
M. Daniel Stoudt
Henry Turville (deceased)
Michelle Vetterkind
Bill Wilcox
Wai Chung (Alex) Wong

Birch-Sturm Fellows
The Birch-Sturm Fellowship was created by the Wisconsin Lions Foundation to honor Lions, Lioness, Leos and non-Lions who exemplify undying dedication and commitment to the work of the Wisconsin Lions Foundation and the humanitarian work it supports. The fellowship is named after Wisconsin's only two International Presidents, Frank Birch and Clarence Sturm.

Our living Birch-Sturm Fellows include:
George Albright
Steven Briggs
Thayer Burnham
Craig Butler
Scott Grover
Phillip Ingwell
John Jenson
Dale Mueller
Edward Neese
Harold Otterback